Do You Need A Rapid Design, Protyping and Small Batch Manufacturing Capability?

We can design, prototype and deliver small parts efficiently to support your project.

When you engage T12 as a stand alone project delivery team, you can rest assured that we can provide an end to end design, manufacturing and delivery service to meet your engineering and design needs

We can assist you in devloping designs from concept through to detailing, prototyping and final manufacture.

Recently we have had several enquiries to design small quick turnaround parts, in low quantities to support prototyping and small scale manufacture. We reviewed this requirement and are pleased to confirm we can now offer small scale manufacture and prototyping along side our other sevices.

All parts can be supplied with coatings, certificates of conformity, inspection and additional marking data if required.

Full details of capabilites will depend of several factors relating to the design, process and material selection.

Please read below for a high level summary of these capabilites, which can be confirmed as part of the design process or feel free to get in touch.

CNC Machining

T12 can supply CNC machined parts in the materials below to tolerances of approximately +/-0.1mm. This service is ideal for rapid prototyping or small batch production parts, where end use dictates a homogenous material.

For more info on CNC machining please contact us.

3D Printing

3D printing is no longer the stuff of science fiction. Thesedays its use is commonplace in rapid prototyping and space claim models for assembly. Its use as a viable production material is still in its infancy and careful consideration of the end application is required to ensure the end part s fit for function. Part tolerances can vary significantly depending on several factors. Typically the following layer thickness resolutions can be used as a guide.

Normal Resolution: 0.1mm High Resolution: 0.05mm Micro Resolution: 0.03mm

Typical materials which can be supplied for 3D printing.

If you would like more information on 3D priting why not get in touch?

Injection Moulding ( Plastic, Silicone & Overmoulding )

Injection moulding is process where a molten plastic is injected into a mould under pressure. The plastic takes up the shape of the mould and once cooled the final part can be removed.

Injection moulding typically comes into its own when production of plastic parts is scaled up to large volumes. Injection moulding produces a homogenious material which may be required depending on your end application.

Want to know more about injeciton moulding? Why not contact us?

Typical Envelope Size Capabilites

Sizes below are given as a guideline to help you select the best manufacturing method to suit your applicaton.

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