You Define - We Detail

Remote team externalised to your core organisation

Integrated team local or onsite

Scalable team to flex up or down when required

At T12 we pride ourselves with a strong execution and delivery focus and put this central to our structure.
Our aim is to take workpackages and execute on your behalf, using our agile & scalable team. We work flexibly in the most efficient and beneficial manner for your project.
  • Remote team externalised to your core organisation
  • Integrated team local or onsite
  • Scalable team to flex up or down when required
T12 flex to best suit your business needs.
You define - We detail.
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CAD -The Now
CAD is a cornerstone of any modern engineering business and T12 is no different. We use the latest CAD technology to make ideas reality.
We can leverage our multi platform software capabilities to best match your needs, for seamless integration, improved quality & timescales. Alternatively we can execute using our streamlined in house systems and processes designed to deliver quickly and compliantly.
CAD - The future
At T12 we pride ourselves with staying up to speed with the latest in CAD technology and can advise on options for configuration and implementation of new technologies.
CAD technology is poised to advance significantly in the coming years, with the advent of model based definition, augmented reality and automated quality and defect reporting. Why not engage T12? Understand how this might affect your business and how you can plan to successfully implement this technology as it matures.
CAD is changing are you?


CAD is Changing - Are You?

Multiple CAD applications to merge with your needs

Seemless integration to client CAD applications

New & emerging trends and technologies


Competitive Rates & Efficient Delivery

New product innovation & testing

Design verification & validation

Project Engineering​

Ad Hoc Technical Support​

Engineering Tools
Formed & owned by engineers, T12 has engineering at its heart.
T12 can provide a discrete team of engineers to excute to a defined & agreed workscope, at a fixed cost or on a cost plus basis at competitive market rates.
​Our flexible and dynamic approach means T12 can reach out to a network of supporting resource and subject matter experts, adding efficient value, where project needs dictate.
We offer a number of engineering services common across industry and are as comfortable executing these and delivering final hardware as we are delivering as part of your extended team.
Project engineering, Design, Strucutral Engineering, FEA analysis & Specialised subject matter experts.
T12 puts your project goals front and centre of our execution plan.

Every design can benefit from analysis and optimisation to truly enhance its form & function. As well as providing invaluable information for design verification.

At T12 we use multiple industry leading software packages to achieve analysis suitable for your needs. From quick analysis as part of the deisgn process to full analysis packages provided as part of a design verification process we can provide the solution that best suits your needs.

In addition where specialisms are required within a workpackage T12 can leverage a network of specialists ensuring timely delivery of results and management of integration of analysis outcomes and recomendations to the design.


Optimisation & Verification

Structural Analysis

FEA to multi-industry design codes

Dynamic loading

Speacialist analysis

workpackage management


Digital Spring Clean All Year Round

Evaluation and reporting on existing systems

Reccommendations and estimated cost savings

Digital tools to manage and enhance your engineering data

Support on implementation & sustaining improvements.

Image by Arnold Francisca
Engineering is a data and process intensive industry. Often this creates data management challenges which can lead to added supply chain costs through reduced efficiency and quality.
T12 can evaluate your engineering processes and systems and offer more than recommendations. We can offer custom solutions designed specifically to meet your needs.
These solutions can make tangible improvements to overall business efficiency and quality by reducing the multiplier effect when engineering source data flows into other departments and processes.

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